Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Business Expertise

Blaze Construction specialises in the following;

Groundworks projects, Civil Engineering projects, Road construction, Drainage schemes, Excavation and earthworks, Retaining walls: precast; insitu; criblock; gabion baskets; block; Devon walls, Site clearance, Balancing ponds, Attenuation systems, Sports pitches, Play areas, Foundations/concrete ring beams, Reinforced insitu concrete structures, Car parks, Domestic Driveways, path, cycleways, Paving.

Projects completed by Blaze Construction staff include all of the above for both large and small housing projects, major road contracts, major drainage, pumping stations, sewage plants and large commercial and construction contracts. Blaze has vast experience in the development of both green- and brownfield sites and the modification and adaptation of existing buildings to new uses. Equally work can be completed on commercial and industrial projects to a very high standard.

Blaze Construction is a registered National House Building Contractor thus allowing an understanding of its clients´ standards and requirements. Blaze Construction believes in traceability and has the systems in place to achieve this.


Blaze has been a Quality Assured Company since 1992 and is currently seeking approval/registration for ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

The management of Blaze Construction understand and are fully committed to producing a quality product in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and actively works to keep its carbon footprint impact to a minimum.

The right people and the right equipment

Blaze Construction has an extensive fully certificated skill base and encourages ongoing training as it believes that you must have the correct tools and equipment to operate safely and efficiently. There is a continuing rolling plan in place to upgrade, replace, purchase and service its large comprehensive modern fleet of vehicles and plant. This along with active management ensures that projects run smoothly.

Further information or tender enquiries

For tender enquiries or further information please contact Eugene Broderick, Chas Howe or Dudley Lawson.

Blaze Construction always welcomes tender enquiries from existing and new customers within their work radial and promises to be honest in its handling of any enquiries.

Associated companies:

Kells Holdings Ltd; All Round Plant Ltd; Eden Country Homes Ltd; Carver Development Ltd; Blaze Commercial Ltd; Blackmore Vale Homes LLP; Nori Bleiz Construction SRL; Blandford Auction Rooms LLP; D & A the Solution Ltd; Utililight Ltd