Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Car Parks and Cycleways

No construction, commercial or housing project is compete without being adequately serviced by a pattern of roads, footpaths, parking and, in some cases, cycleways, bridle paths and play areas.

Blaze Construction has extensive experience in the construction and programming of all of the above. Its specialist knowledge coupled with its civil engineering and construction skills enables Blaze Construction to develop solutions that deliver clients’ requirements, mitigate operational constraints and make Blaze your ideal partner to produce the finished quality product on time and within budget.

Request information or a quotation for roads or parking solutions

Should you be interested in discussing a project or receiving a quotation for work within our work radial please contact Eugene Broderick, Chas Howe or Dudley Lawson.

Blaze Construction is always happy to discuss a project, potential problems or assist/discuss solutions to a problem site even if we are not involved in that project.