Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Drainage and Sewage Systems

The worsening problems of the Ozone Layer and the recent associated climatic changes have meant that in recent years storm drainage and flood relief schemes have become as important as our foul sewerage systems.

Blaze Construction has the knowledge and expertise to provide a full range of drainage systems and solutions. These services include installation of foul and storm main drains and connections to existing main drainage runs, overpumping, installation of pumping stations, rising and pumped mains, construction of main foul sewer treatment plants, holding tanks, oil interceptor tanks, outfalls, head walls, attenuation systems, balancing ponds, filter drains and deep bored soakaways.

Aftercare for drainage systems is also provided using in-house fully kitted, trained, experienced CCTV and jetting crews who offer an inspection, reporting, clearing and unblocking service. These crews react quickly to any emergency drainage calls 24 hours per day.

Request information or a quotation for drainage schemes

Should you be interested in discussing a project or receiving a quotation for work within our work radial please contact Eugene Broderick, Chas Howe or Dudley Lawson.

Blaze Construction is always happy to discuss a project, potential problems or assist/discuss solutions to a problem site even if we are not involved in that project.