Groundworks and Civil Engineering


Blaze Construction believes that the fundamental requirement of any structure is a good foundation and strives every time to produce a quality product.

More and more sites are now being built on brownfield sites or difficult terrain which requires careful management and specialist skills. Blaze Construction has worked on numerous contracts where the ground conditions have changed continually: from disturbed demolition sites (down to as much as 8m deep) to contaminated sites, flooded sites, running sand, liquid peat, boggy conditions, clay, rock, chalk, sand and even some ideal conditions!! Experience working in these conditions has positioned Blaze Construction as a premier contractor best suited to work in difficult ground. Despite difficult ground conditions, Blaze Construction has successfully managed numerous sites to complete all aspects of foundations, formwork, steel-fixing and concrete work to a high standard within time and budget constraints. Blaze Construction attribute this to its experienced site Forepersons, its highly trained workforce and regular site inspections by its own management team.

Blaze Construction also provide expertise in roads, drains, retaining structures, play areas and finishings.

Blaze Construction offers a full remedial service on both its own completed projects and, where requested, on projects where its clients have been let down.

Request information or a quotation for groundworks

Should you be interested in discussing a project or receiving a quotation for work within our work radial please contact Eugene Broderick, Chas Howe or Dudley Lawson.

Blaze Construction is always happy to discuss a project, potential problems or assist/discuss solutions to a problem site even if we are not involved in that project.