Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Open Areas, Football Pitches, Playing Fields, Hard Surface Playing Areas

In keeping with high quality developments and planning guidelines, developers are now being asked to include open areas, play areas and, on larger developments, football pitches and hard and soft playing fields.

Blaze Construction is being repeatedly asked to supply the complete package. This is well within its capabilities and Blaze Construction is happy to construct any of the above and hand over the finished product. This may include bulk excavation and fill, land drainage, embankment construction, mains service installation, landscaping, safety surfaces, play equipment, fencing, tarmacadam surfaces or coloured surfaces.

Request information or a quotation for amenity areas

Should you be interested in discussing a project or receiving a quotation for work within our work radial please contact Eugene Broderick, Chas Howe or Dudley Lawson.

Blaze Construction is always happy to discuss a project, potential problems or assist/discuss solutions to a problem site even if we are not involved in that project.