Groundworks and Civil Engineering

Street Lighting and Signage

Blaze Construction felt that there was a need from its clients to provide a complete turnkey project and found that time and time again the installation of street lights and road signs was holding up the handover of some of its sites.

Blaze Construction in association with Utililight Ltd can now offer the additional service of street lighting and signage to its clients.

This is a recent venture but it is hoped one that will grow and fit well within its company and remove a problem area for its clients. Utililight Ltd´s personnel are highly trained, certificated and respected within the industry and Blaze Construction looks forward to a long and healthy relationship with Utililight´s Management Team.

In addition to new installations, Utililight offers a full remedial and maintenance service.

Request information or a quotation for street lighting and signage

Should you be interested in discussing a project or receiving a quotation please contact Eugene Broderick.

Utililight Ltd is always happy to discuss a project, potential problem or assist/discuss solutions to your enquiry.